iBR Show 10

Jimi aka Pound Cake aka Juicy Fruit, John gets into a fight, Jimi gets dumped AGAIN!, Jimi’s in love with big girls, Emily The Experience ass, iBlackguy’s unsuccessful trip to Hawaii, Internet dating, Lap dance from a man, Is tranny on girl porn really that gay?, Thick White girls, Drunken mornings, masturbation cum shots, iBlackguy’s drunk breath, Slayer, racist Twitter spam, Mental Overload Show burns us, music by @Ntweddie12 and @DoughJohnson, Let Me See Yo Brown Eye song by Jimi, ┬áRIP Junior Seau is the NFL to blame?, Octomom to do a porn, Lil Wayne’s $150 Million deal, Halle Berry getting put on child support, Mexicans built for illegal border crossings, Mayweather, Brian Mcknight’s adult mix tape, The Tanned Lady,